Insecticide-treated nets

Man carrying bale of ITNsInsecticide-treated nets

The Ministry of Health is actively engaged in scaling up ITN coverage in all districts in Zambia. ITN use is a cost-effective way of preventing malaria. Studies have shown that when used widely in a community, ITNs can significantly reduce severe malaria, anemia, and all-cause mortality in young children and pregnant women. Utilization also reduces preterm delivery and improves birth outcomes.

Scaling up ITN use is one of the major priorities of the National Malaria Strategic Plan. Full coverage targets have been set to adequately cover all households at risk of malaria in Zambia.

ITN distribution strategies

  • Rapid scale-up is occurring primarily through a rolling mass distribution campaign of free ITNs. We want to cover every sleeping space in Zambia!
  • Routine ITN distribution is occurring through child and antenatal clinics.
  • Commercial distribution is taking place through NMCC commercial and private sector partners.

We recommend long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito nets which have been approved by the World Health Organization Pesticide Evaluation Scheme (WHOPES). Mass re-treatment of ITNs with insecticide is also being promoted in appropriate areas to ensure maximum ITN effectiveness.

Is your organization planning to distribute ITNs in Zambia? Help us coordinate ITN distribution by keeping us regularly updated on your ITN distribution plans. Check with us before you distribute. Priority areas have been defined.