Indoor residual spraying

Indoor residual spraying (IRS) began in 2001 and is now conducted in 54 districts nationwide, targeting urban and peri-urban areas within these districts. The 2009 spray districts are shown in the map below together with the specific spray areas in each district.  Also shown are the IRS districts added in the 2010 spray season.  Indoor spraying reached approximately 1.1 million households in 2010, providing protection to an estimated 4.7 million Zambians.  As the final numbers are analyzed the latter figure is expected to exceed 5 million.

Click on the map below to view a high resolution version.

IRS map

Spray activities are coordinated by districts and are conducted annually prior to the malaria transmission season, usually from October to December.

To read about current efforts to improve planning and implementation of IRS through enumeration of target households using personal digitial assistants (PDAs), please click here.