Community response

The success of any program being implemented at community level lies in the community's acceptance of program ownership.

The community response to malaria is being implemented through a demand driven approach. As such, community ownership of programs is being strengthened with support from the World Bank and NMCC is working with CRAIDS in the following:

  • Financing, identifying projects, planning and management of projects by communities themselves.
  • Supporting NGOs with programs which address expressed needs of communities and agreed criteria.
  • Supporting District malaria implementation and coordinating bodies with capacity building activities to enable a district support and facilitate the community response
  • Establishing strategies for the dissemination of appropriate information to communities, districts and other relevant bodies in close collaboration with NMCC

Indicative priority themes include:

  • Utilization of ITNs
  • Social mobilization on malaria preventive and control measures
  • Treatment of cases within twenty four hours of onset of symptoms
  • Providing access to spray operators during the IRS exercise
  • Environmental management