Behavior change

Information, education and communication (IEC), sometimes referred to as behavioral change communication (BCC), is an interactive process with communities to develop tailored messages and approaches using a variety of communication channels to develop positive behaviors to promote and sustain individual, community and societal behaviour change and maintain appropriate behaviour.

IEC is a principal intervention in the national Malaria Control strategy in Zambia. It provides a strategic guide for identifying priorities, thereby facilitates the realization of targets and goals. Its primary goal is to facilitate positive behaviour change and capacity building through the provision of correct and relevant information to empower people for more effective decision-making in health.

IEC/BCC seeks to strengthen all the strategic components of the malaria control programme by supporting the delivery of cost-effective interventions like case management improvement, Integrated Vector Management and programme management.

In order to achieve success in the implementation of key strategies there is need to implement an effective communication strategy in malaria control and prevention.

The IEC/BCC Unit is involved in the following activities:

  • Design and development of IEC materials (such as posters, brochures, flyers)
  • Pre-testing of materials
  • Distribution of materials (such as T-shirts, calendars, etc) to districts

Other activities that the Unit coordinates include:

  • Commemoration of Africa Malaria Day, SADC Malaria Week, Child Health Week activities
  • Facilitate accreditation of foreign journalists
  • Coordinate the Malaria Media Network
  • Act as Secretariat for the National Malaria IEC Working Group
  • Orient drama groups on various malaria issues